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Dr Gifford Rhamie is the founder and Lead Executive Consultant of Rockstone Consultancy. He leads and curates a highly qualified agile team of specialists in culturally intelligent leadership and inclusive organisational practice. He does this by constantly asking the question, “What is the quality of your leadership’s culture?”


PEOPLE are the rockstones of your organisation. They live their gender, disability, sexuality, faith, and class through RACE.

Therefore, we will empower them to apply their best leadership so that their differences make for a vibrant and dynamic workplace – i.e., a welcoming, innovative culture of flexible solutions.


VALUE is the one asset that people carry beyond life. It is the values that are valued that form your culture.

We focus on unleashing and honing inclusive values so that your core business can thrive.


CHANGE is the constant of life. Yet, it can be difficult, especially when shifting culture, paradigms or the status quo.

Rockstone are adept at strategically managing cultural transformation in safe spaces throughout the organisation to enable curiosity, accountability, innovation and impact.

Our Offering

Rockstone operate and specialise in the public (education, health, justice), corporate (finance, tech, sales) and voluntary (charity, religion, NGO) sectors.

Our teams specialise in:

Learning Experience

DEIB transformation modules/workshops •
Change Makers Master Class: ‘DEIB, values or characteristics?’; ‘what does it mean to be British?’; ‘the workplace as multiculture’; ‘cultural competence’; ‘race as safeguarding’; ‘gaslighting: bullies out!’
• Gold standard •

Mentoring & Coaching
personal development & sponsoring • connecting partners • pathways for mobility & retention • resourcing (e.g., Affinity groups) • wellbeing support • resilience

(Executive/senior leaders, managers, stakeholders, clients,  1:1/peer group)
• inclusive ethics •
• intersectionality •
• inclusive leadership •
• cultural intelligence •

Strategy, Culture Design and Build

C-Suite & Senior managers – The Change Makers Ps for Inclusive Leadership • Inclusive systems change & qualitative data analysis • KPIs, MBOs alignment in CQ • DEIB quality assurance (Governance, HR, product delivery and supply chain)

Public & Keynote Speaking

Widening Participation for Community Engagement

Corporate Events  Networking Events  Conferences & Masterclasses
Schools & Universities
DEIB Gala / Awards / Fundraising • Appreciation Awards • Community Events

Our Clients

Rockstone Consultancy

Your Move

So, what do your leadership and organisation stand for?

Let’s talk and come up with a bespoke solution for your immediate to long-term needs. Rockstone are also available for talks, workshops, webinars, presentations, and courses – hybrid or f2f.


“I thought I spoke openly to all residents, not realising that I shied away from topics such as faith, which was important to them. I’m resolved to engage more professionally with people of faith by first listening.”



“The key for me was that Gifford and his colleagues ensured a safe space to talk.”

Michael, Deloitte


“I am determined to choose networks that will build my resilience as I pursue my career in corporate law. Rockstone are holding us to account. Gifford has helped me to overcome my imposter syndrome.”

Stephen, Oxford 


“Rockstone is doing a fab job with upskilling our NHS managers.”

Victoria, KSS AHSN NHS

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